I ran across this unidentified picture on the internet a year or so ago, and some of the kids
looked very familiar to me. However, I don't remember doors like this in any classroom of the school. Even so, I thought some of you could name the Cloudcroft kids that I was not sure about, that I wrongly named, or do not know. Thanks... ~ Elwin

(Click on picture to view without numbers)



 3 Flora Mancillas

 4 Johnny Ragan

 5 S. Staley (?)

 6 Betty Davis (or Maxine?)



 9 Paul Carnes (?)

10 Alfred Hadley(?)

11 ---extra number---

12 Jimmie Dockray

13 Roylene Brown or Dana Pender(?)

14 Bobby Jean Patterson


16 Donnie Ragan

17 Johnny Balderrama



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